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Archiveteam: The ZAPD APP CRAP TRAP

Zapd is an app that lets you create instant, themed websites straight from your iPhone. No design experience or code writing is required. Just select a theme and then add photos, text or links. You’re done. Zapd enables you to create websites on-the-go directly from your iPhone. Share your websites directly to Facebook, Twitter or email the link to your friends. Discuss your content using the commenting feature. Fill out your profile with as much or as little information as you like. Zaps can be updated instantly at any time. Change your theme, add new content. Hit publish and your Zapd URL will instantly reflect your updates. Whether you want a fun new way to showcase your photos or a fast, easy way to capture a memory, Zapd lets you create websites in seconds. For free. Download the Zapd app and make as many websites as you want. Zapd does the hosting, you provide the creativity.


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